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Interpreting a candidate’s assessment results
Interpreting a candidate’s assessment results

How to access and interpret a candidate's assessment results.

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Once candidates have begun completing their assessments, you will be able to access their results directly from the “Campaigns” section of the Thrive platform, located on the pane on the left hand side of the page.

To access the relevant results, navigate to the campaign in question and select it. You’ll then see a list which contains all of the candidates included in the campaign. Candidates who have completed their assessments will have a role fit score assigned to them, as well as a prescribed fit, based on their results.

These scores indicate how well a candidate is aligned to a role based on the assessments selected and therefore, how likely they are to be successful in the role. We recommend eliminating candidates who come back with a “poor” overall fit. Clicking on the chevron to the right of each candidate’s name will provide a quick overview of all of their scores. Here, you can compare candidate scores side by side.

Clicking on a candidate’s name will take you to their candidate profile and you will be able to see scores for all of the abilities and personality traits assessed. Hovering over the name of each will bring up a definition explaining exactly what was assessed for. You will notice a dotted red line which indicates the average score for that trait or ability. Scores here are benchmarked against thousands of other candidates who have completed the same or similar assessments. So, a score indicates a percentile rank across this group.

For each area that has come back with a score indicating a potential area of risk, there will be an eye icon on the right hand side of that row. Clicking on this brings up suggested interview questions to help engage in a productive line of questioning to better understand a candidate’s alignment with the trait. We suggest toggling these suggestions to “job specific”.

At the top of the same page, clicking on the “Download employer report” button will allow you to download a PDF report to accompany you when interviewing a candidate. This report summarises the findings of the assessments and its aim is to ensure that you are aware of the potential risks associated with the candidate and whether they are suitable for the role in question. It covers results across all of the assessment sections and highlights potential risk areas. This report also contains interview questions for all of these potential areas of risk. We highly recommend pairing this report with a structured interview to most accurately understand a candidate’s suitability for the specific role at your organisation.

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