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Develop Employees - What is a Project and how to set one up
Develop Employees - What is a Project and how to set one up
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Develop Employees - What is a project and how to set one up

On the Thrive platform, a project is a set of behavioural assessments and culture surveys which are sent out to a group of employees within your organisation. You can use this tool to understand the competencies and work styles of your teams, intercept potential issues with company culture and create personalised development plans for your employees.

To set up a project, complete the following simple steps:

  1. On your Thrive home page select “assess employees”

  2. Select who you’d like to assess. You can always add teams and employees at a later stage too.

  3. Give your project a name. This is usually for reference purposes and has something to do with who is being assessed.

  4. You will then see a list of all 18 behaviours that will be assessed as part of an assessment that averages 12 minutes in length. From these, you will need to select up to 8 which are critical points of focus for the teams or employees that will be included in the project.

  5. Next, you can select the domains of culture which you’d like to survey. Each of these carry their own length and you can set a desired frequency for these to go out.

  6. You can now begin to add teams that you’d like to include and segregate between, within the project. Simply add the name of the team, select a function from the drop down list and then press add. You can add as many teams as you’d like and you’ll be able to add or amend this at a later stage too.

  7. Once you’ve set up your teams, it’s time to add employees into each of them. Firstly, select the team that you’d like to add an employee or group of employees into, from the drop down menu. Then, input the employee details into the relevant fields. You can also do this in bulk, via csv upload.

  8. You’ll then need to schedule your project. Select a start date and decide how long like to provide employees to complete their assessments. You can always edit this deadline after the project is published.

  9. Finally, you can review all of the choices and inclusions you’ve made and make any final amendments. You can also view the email template which will go out to employees containing their assessment link.

  10. Click “Publish” to set your project live. You can also save it as a draft if you’d like to return later and make amendments.

Take a look at our full tool guide below:

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