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Setting up a Recruitee integration with Thrive
Setting up a Recruitee integration with Thrive

Understand how thrive and integrate with Recruitee

Written by Santi Ferrer Deheza
Updated over a week ago

Recruitee's integration with Thrive allows you to seamlessly add Thrive’s assessments to your candidate’s selection process and your Job Interview Plan. In this article, we will cover how to:

  1. Enable the Recruitee/Thrive Integration

  2. Send and Review the Test

Enable the Recruitee/Thrive Integration

To start, contact your Thrive representative ( to receive your API key. Once you have received your API key go to Recruitee and search for Thrive in the “Integrations” section, where you will be asked to put Thrive’s API key.

Send and Review the Test

Send Test

When you are ready to send the thrive assessments to a candidate you just need to open the candidate profile and in the Thrive section you click "send test".

You will then get the option to edit the candidate data you want to send to Thrive and select the campaign you want the candidate to be added.

Review Test

Once the candidate has completed all the assessments you will be able to see the overall score on Recruitee and a link to open the Thrive dashboard for more details on the results.

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